TAO Farming Pool is now live on Baryon, offering enticing rewards totaling 11,111,111 TAO

TAO Farming Pool is now live on Baryon, offering enticing rewards totaling 11,111,111 TAO

TAO Meme, the undisputed meme coin on Bitkub Chain, is now officially listed on Baryon. To celebrate this milestone, we are excited to release the Farming event and with the high APR as its new launching, you wouldn't want to overlook this opportunity.

11,111,111 TAO awaits your claim

Baryon is thrilled to declare the launch of the TAO Farming pools, offering enticing rewards totaling up to 15,000,000 TAO. Users can now engage in farming by staking TAO-KUB LP tokens to unlock substantial rewards.

Learn more about TAO Meme HERE.

Farm TAO-KUB LPs, Earn TAO

🎁 Total rewards: 11,111,111 TAO

Period: 1 week

Start date: 20:00 (UTC+7) 18th January 2024

End date: 20:00 (UTC+7) 25th January 2024

For farmers, you can find the tutorial on How to Farm on Baryon here.

For newcomers, to participate in this campaign, please first provide liquidity for the pair TAO/KUB on Liquidity. Then go to the BaryonFarm page, and you’ll see the farming pool appear, where you can stake your TAO/KUB LP tokens.

👉 Come & Farm NOW: TAO/KUB LPs

About TAO Meme

Tao Meme, the undisputed meme icon, has emerged from the shadows to dethrone the Doge pretenders. Launched with a stealthy debut, no presale, zero taxes, and a renounced contract, Tao is the people's token, destined for meme token supremacy.

Fueled by the raw power of memes, Tao is poised to revolutionize the memeverse.

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