Baryon integrates Viction, Moving towards a trusted multi-chain DEX

Baryon integrates Viction,  Moving towards a trusted multi-chain DEX

We're excited to announce that Baryon is integrating Viction, a zero-gas and high security layer-1 blockchain, marking a significant step in our journey to become a trusted multichain Defi product suite accessible to everyone.

The Multichain Expansion

The integration of Viction has presented a landmark development in Baryon's expansion to a multichain platform. Baryon’s mission is to provide trusted DeFi experiences for every user in crypto space. This is the key reason for us to adopt a multi-chain approach. As a part of our growing ecosystem, Viction brings its user-friendly, efficient and secured attributes to the table, thus fostering a meaningful collaboration for a frictionless experience for DeFi users.

Viction, formerly known as Tomochain, is a high-performance blockchain distinguished by its zero-gas transaction feature and highly secured layer-1 architecture. Altogether, these factors align with Baryon's goal of ensuring an accessible and secured DeFi suite for everyone. It's also worth noting how the technical advantages of Viction contribute to this integration, including the ability to handle a large volume of transactions, up to 2,000 transactions per second, and its compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). These features strengthen the appealing edges to our platform. Looking ahead, the integration of Viction broadens the variety of supported cryptoassets, enhancing our platform's flexibility and user-friendliness attributes.

Experience Baryon on Viction Now

Let's begin the new era with a “bang”! We are celebrating the Viction integration with a Stake C98, Earn C98 event on Baryon Network platform. C98 is the first token issued in VRC25 standard on Viction. It provides users with the ability to transfer the token by paying the gas fee by the token itself instead of the native tokens (VIC), leading to a transforming and cost-effective experience for DeFi. 

Users can now stake C98 to earn C98 on Viction:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Total reward: 200,000 $C98

Joining hands, Baryon and Viction are set to empower accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective DeFi experiences on Viction with a highly-secured and efficient network. This partnership between Baryon and Viction further confirms Baryon's adherence to extending the accessibility of DeFi services on other blockchain networks, offering promising opportunities for both existing DeFi users and newcomers to the Web3 space.

What’s next? Stay tuned for more updates on Baryon!

About Viction

Viction offers users a seamless journey into the Web3 world, with zero-gas transactions, advanced security, and unparalleled scalability. With a focus on user experience and innovation like the VRC25 token standard, Viction eliminates the barriers of gas fees, making Web3 accessible to all. As Viction collaborates with leading partners, their mission is to create a more transparent, accessible, and limitless world where humanity can truly thrive.

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About Baryon

Baryon Network is a Multi-Chain-based Premier Suite of DeFi Products, containing three fundamental pillars: BaryonSwap (AMM), BaryonFarm, and BaryonStake. Baryon aims to become a trusted partner for everyone by providing user-friendly product suite, catered support.

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