Baryon Weekly Report | Week 31-2022

This report exposes all of our most recent highlights in W31-2022, including key metric highlights, major integrations, and fascinating events with juicy rewards.

Baryon Weekly Report | Week 31-2022

The Baryon weekly newsletter will bring the community up to date on what we're building/have built/launched in the last week.

We generally share these updates on Twitter, but we wanted to include this section to allow readers to see a consolidated post on such updates in case they missed them.

Key highlights

What makes our day is “A new member joined the group”. That motivates us to keep moving forward to improve the community for our beloved Baryon users.

Nothing gonna change our mission! And this is another week we retained our enthusiasm for the official launching, important partnership as well as lucrative events. So let’s get started and check it out!

To be more detailed

$2M+ TVL and $2.5M+ Volume achieved! And we’re all waiting for more

Within 1 week after the premier listing, we gained another 1M $ TVL and our volume also reached 2.5M+. “Just get better day by day” - that is our saying to boost energy in the process of advancing this community.

Stay tuned for our upcoming good news! The best is yet to come.

The first 10k+ followers on Baryon Network Twitter

Welcome to the Baryon family! Our deepest gratitude for loving, supporting, and for all the effort that helped us reach this goal, a heartfelt thank you to our whole community!

Don’t hesitate to be the next member of our Baryon family:


Telegram Channel:

Key integrations

Baryon Network has already landed on CoinGecko

Coingecko - the world's largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator has welcomed Baryon to join in the game. Checking trading volume and tokens liquidity pools on Baryon Network gets more smooth and more convenient now!

Meet us at CoinGecko:

The presence of Baryon Network on the Defi Llama

Defi Llama is proud to be the largest TVL aggregator for DeFi. This integration promises to bring Baryon's name to the next level and we will have the power to conquer more in this Crypto world.

These events are still on fire

Baryon users absolutely get more excited when it comes to Earning on our platform. Many juicy awards are awaited, prepare for greater value and opportunity!

Aura Network Trading Competition - Earn up to 300,000 AURA

  • 🎁 Total prize: 300,000 AURA
  • 🔔 Duration: 12:00 PM (UTC) July 28 to 11:59 PM (UTC) August 11, 2022

Join now to carve your name on the leaderboard:

AURA/BUSD Farming Campaign - Earn up to 750,000 AURA

  • 🎁 Total prize: 750,000 AURA
  • 🔔 Duration: July 28, 2022 - August 28, 2022

Farmer gonna farm:

Stake AURA Earn AURA - Earn up to 250,000 AURA

  • 🎁 Total prize: 250,000 AURA
  • 🔔 Duration: July 27, 2022 -  August 27, 2022

Stake now, Earn now:

Final thoughts

That's all we have achieved so far - the 31st week of 2022. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our blog to get the latest news.

For the time being, stay tuned and be excited! See you next week!

About Baryon Network

Baryon Network is a BNB Chain-based Premier Suite of DeFi Products, containing three fundamental building blocks: BaryonSwap (AMM), BaryonFarm, and BaryonStake.

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