Baryon Weekly Report | Week 42 - 2022

Baryon has been very productive in the last 7 days with cashable events, highlights, and integrations for our community. This report is an opportunity for us to consolidate our achievements so far in Week 42.

Baryon Weekly Report | Week 42 - 2022

If you are new to Baryon, we have our daily updates on Twitter with activities and achievements. We notify users transparently across any channel, thus, with the Baryon weekly report, we aim to give you a helicopter view of what we have built or launched in the past week.

Key Highlights


Baryon Network has joined the OpenSwap Bridge Founder Partnership Program. For both Baryon and OpenSwap users, this integration has a great meaning that the community can benefit from.

Read more detail here


Extended CUSD/BUSD Farming Pool

For CUSD’s holders, no more worries that the end day of CUSD - BUSD Farming Pool is coming. Because we now bring to you an Extended CUSD Farming Pool. Excited yet? Check the details below!

  • πŸ“ Pair: CUSD- BUSD
  • 🎁 Total rewards: 25,000 C98
  • ⏳ Tentative duration: 1 month from October 19th.

CUSD/BUSD Trading Competition

CUSD/BUSD Trading Competition is nearly coming to an end with numerous participants. Now, look at the Leading Board with the Top 10 racers with astounding ROI on Baryon.

CUSD/BUSD Trading Competition is where we celebrate the coming of Coin98 Dollar on Baryon Network, also the launch of our new feature - Baryon Snapshot. Check the competition details here:

  • Trading pair: CUSD - BUSD
  • Total rewards: 4,500 CUSD (BEP20)
  • Duration: 08:30 PM, Oct 11, 2022 (UTC+7) - 11:59:00 PM, Oct 25, 2022 (UTC+7)

More details about the competition at:

Baryon x SecondLive Outfit NFT Mystery Box Campaign

In line with the Baryon Uniform Design Competition heat, Baryon is offering you a chance to get free Baryon Uniform NFTs!

600 random wallets who complete Gleam tasks are entitled to MINT free & The 55 luckiest winners will get rewards of 700 $CUSD.

Join NOW:

Baryon Uniform Design Competition Result

The results of the Baryon Uniform Design Competition are out. Having received numerous excellent designs, it was very challenging for the Baryon team to evaluate and decide on the winners. After hours and hours of checking, the organizers decided on the Top 10 most-worthy designs.

Let’s check it out to see the winning list:

For those who haven’t been lucky yet, don’t worry because Baryon will have many more events and activities in the near future for you to join.

Many other ongoing Farming and Staking Pools

There is also the opportunity to earn money for holders with attractive APRs as follows:

βœ… OGS Staking pool - APR 56%

βœ… AURA Staking pool - APR 26%

βœ… AURA - BUSD Farming Pool - APR 159%

βœ… Baryon Stake House with 10 lucrative staking pools

Baryon Quiz Day Week

As usual, Baryon Quiz Day Week 42 took place on Saturday, 22 October.

10 highest score winners will share the Prize Pool of 50 CUSD

Top 1: 10 CUSD
Top 2: 8 CUSD
Top 3: 7 CUSD
Top 4-5: 5 CUSD each
Top 6-10: 3 CUSD each.

Then, the Most Familiar Face of The Week found out who was the most active in the Baryon Telegram group chat that week, receiving our reward of 🎁10 $CUSD.

Keep careful reviewing the study material and don't miss upcoming opportunities to earn with Baryon!!

Closing Thoughts

That’s a wrap-up of what we have achieved so far. Receiving marvelous support and attention from our community is what Baryon is thriving for, thus to pay back our users, we transparently and gradually update ongoing events in our media channels.

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Can’t wait to see you soon next week. Cheers!

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