Baryon Weekly Report | Week 44 - 2022

The very first week of November has filled up with events and activities for the Baryon community. Now we may guide you through the key highlights of Week 44.

Baryon Weekly Report | Week 44 - 2022

Baryon Weekly report is a series where we constantly notify our community with what we have built or launched in the past week. For daily updates, you could also visit our Twitter.

Key Highlights


C98 & WNEBL Staking Pools have arrived on BaryonStake

New staking pools C98 & WNEBL have arrived on BaryonStake, with  lucrative APRs and ❌no impermanent loss.

Pool 1: Stake WNEBL to Earn C98

  • Total reward: 29,000 C98
  • Tentative duration: 2 weeks from October 30, 2022

Pool 2: Stake C98 to Earn WNEBL

  • Total reward: 4,868.157 WNEBL
  • Tentative duration: 2 weeks from October 30, 2022

Check out more details of these pools:

Time is running out. Come and stake NOW:

Baryon Fireside Chat with MagicSquare

Last week, Baryon hosted a Fireside Chat with Magic Square, in which we received great attendance from our community.

General information

⏰ 7:30PM (UTC+7), Nov 1

🏠 Venue:

🏆 Total Rewards: 100 $USDT

For those who have missed the live chat, here is the recording for you:

Baryon Halloween Giveaways

The festive season has come around, and last week Baryon celebrated Halloween by hosting Baryon Halloween Giveaways. We are very grateful to receive the attention of our community for the minigame.

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ $CUSD has been rewarded to 10 superheroes. Check out the details here to have an idea of the event.

Many other ongoing Farming and Staking Pools

For holders who are wondering where to start staking, here is a recap of current staking pools on BaryonStake

✅ OGS Staking pool - APR 62%

✅ AURA Staking pool - APR 25%

✅ AURA - BUSD Farming Pool - APR 109%

✅ CUSD - BUSD Farming Pool - APR 26%

✅ Baryon Stake House with 10 lucrative staking pools

Closing Thoughts

Baryon Network has received marvelous support and attention from our community, this is what Baryon is thriving for, thus to pay back our users, we transparently and gradually update ongoing events in our media channels.

About Baryon Network

Baryon Network is a trusted Decentralized Exchange (DEX) dedicated to the BNB Smart Chain with the aim of redefining users' trading experience. We contain three fundamental building blocks: BaryonSwap (AMM), BaryonFarm, and BaryonStake.

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