Baryon Weekly Report | Week 46 2022

Let's wrap up another eventful week with Baryon Network. During the past week, there have been numerous promising opportunities for financial gain.

Baryon Weekly Report | Week 46 2022
Baryon Weekly Report | Week 46 2022

The cryptocurrency market is beginning to recover from recent turbulence after a rather quiet week. Baryon is poised to take another tremendous leap ahead, thanks to the encouragement of our users.

Key Highlights


Extended CUSD/BUSD Farming Pool

It is preferable for people to save their funds in a stablecoin so they are less exposed to price swings. This means that there has been a significant uptick in the demand for holding stablecoins on the Baryon Network, particularly CUSD. The CUSD/BUSD pool will continue for another month at a competitive interest rate, per our recent decision. Are you a “farmer” of the CUSD/BUSD pool yet?

  • 📍 Pair: CUSD- BUSD
  • 🎁 Total rewards: 25,000 C98
  • ⏳ Tentative duration: 1 month from November 19th.

C98 NEW Staking Pool Is Now Live

Baryon's objective is to seek the feedback of its community constantly.

Following the success of the previous C98 earn NEPL staking pool, we have had numerous requests from Coin98 holders for more C98 pools. And that's why we are psyched to introduce Stake C98 Earn C98 Pool. Let’s ape in now!

  • 🎁 Rewards: 50,000 C98
  • ⏳Duration: 1 month

Extended AURA Farming and Staking Pool

Fans of the Aura Network have voiced pity at the impending end deadline of the Aura Staking & Farming Pool on the Baryon Network. We surprised them again, though, by announcing a 12-week extension of the Aura Farming and Staking Pool.

AURA Staking Pool:

  • 🎁 Rewards: 250,000 AURA

AURA Farming Pool:

  • 📍Pair: $AURA - $BUSD
  • 🎁 Rewards: 450,000 AURA

On-going events

And there are numerous incredibly appealing earning options available to the Baryon Network community.

✅ OGS Staking pool - APR 62%

Baryon Stake House with 10 lucrative staking pools. More details here:

Baryon Quiz Day Week 46

This 46th week, Baryon Quiz Day took place on Sunday, November 20th to summarize an energetic week and give a reward of 50 $CUSD to the top 10 winners:

👉 Top 1: 10 CUSD

👉 Top 2: 8 CUSD

👉 Top 3: 7 CUSD

👉 Top 4-5: 5 CUSD each

👉 Top 6-10: 3 CUSD each.

Every week, Baryon organizes fun activities to benefit the community. So stay tuned for the most recent news from us.

Closing Thoughts

Your help this past week has been greatly appreciated. We will always listen and receive your comments to build a Trusted DEX on BNB Chain with quality products.

Be sure to stick with Baryon so you don't miss out on any of our thrilling events or lucrative incentives.

Follow us for upcoming events here:

About Baryon Network

Baryon Network is a trusted Decentralized Exchange (DEX) dedicated to the BNB Smart Chain with the aim of redefining users' trading experience. We contain three fundamental building blocks: BaryonSwap (AMM), BaryonFarm, and BaryonStake.

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