Baryon Bi-Weekly Report | Week 40 & 41 - 2022

It’s been two fascinating weeks with all amazing events, highlights, integrations, and rewards in weeks 40 & 41 of 2022. To recap these high spots, Baryon brings our bi-weekly report below.

Baryon Bi-Weekly Report | Week 40 & 41 - 2022
Baryon Bi-Weekly Report 

The Baryon weekly report is created with the aim to offer you what we have built or launched in the last weeks. For the Baryon community, we generally share our activities and achievements so far transparently with updates on Twitter. Still, we wanted to include this section to allow readers to see a consolidated post on such updates in case they missed them.

Key Highlights


Baryon Network has just landed on Magic Square - a Web3 App Store that offers community-vetted Blockchain Apps, Games, NFTs, and more in one place!

Visit our home on MagicStore today at 👉

CUSD/BUSD Trading competition

To celebrate the launch of Baryon Snapshot, we're delighted to welcome Coin98 Dollar as the 1st project landing on our Trade & Earn platform. In line with this heat, Baryon Network is excited to bring our very first CUSD/BUSD Trading Competition to our beloved users with massive prizes of up to 5,000 CUSD.

Competition details

  • Trading pair: CUSD - BUSD
  • Total rewards: 4,500 CUSD (BEP20)
  • Duration: 08:30 PM, Oct 11, 2022 (UTC+7) - 11:59:00 PM, Oct 25, 2022 (UTC+7)

More details about the competition at:

Baryon Stake House #1

We are hosting the very first significant Stake House on Baryon Network with 10 staking assets, including DAR, RACA, PEEL, ERA7, CAKE, EBA, THG, HOTCROSS, OSWAP & IDIA!

Check out to earn your money:

Many other ongoing Farming and Staking Pools

For true HODLERs, don’t miss out on the opportunity to fill up your budget with attractive APRs as below:

AURA - BUSD Extended Farming Pool - 167% APR

AURA Extended Staking Pool - 26% APR  

CUSD - BUSD Farming Pool - 26% APR

OGS Staking Pool - 64% APR

Baryon Network AMA on SecondLive

This week, Baryon Network hosted an AMA receiving great enthusiasm from our community on the SecondLive platform. The total reward for participants with excellent questions is up to 100 $CUSD.

We will soon update the AMA recap on our Baron Network blog for those who have missed our live chat.

Baryon Uniform Design Community Vote

The Baryon Uniform Design Competition co-organized with Second Live has successfully come to an end with the top 39 designs having been chosen to move on to the voting phase.

Visit to cast your vote for the best out of the best design.

More in detail:

Baryon Quiz Day Week

Following the Quiz Day series, we have hosted the Baryon Quiz Day on October 1st & October 8th containing ten questions. The fastest participant with correct answers received a prize of 5 $BUSD each one.

Then, The Most Familiar Face of The Week found out who was the most active in the Baryon Telegram group chat that week, receiving our reward of 10 $BUSD.

Don't miss upcoming opportunities to earn with Baryon!!

Closing Thoughts

It’s been amazing weeks of 2022 with mentioned achievements and events.  There would also be ongoing events for you to participate in, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our blog to get the latest news.

Stay tuned and be excited! See you next week!

About Baryon Network

Baryon Network is a trusted Decentralized Exchange (DEX) dedicated to the BNB Smart Chain with the aim of redefining users' trading experience. We contain three fundamental building blocks: BaryonSwap (AMM), BaryonFarm, and BaryonStake.
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