BNB-BUSD Farming Pool: 2,500 BUSD Now Here for Grabs!

The new farming pool is now here on BaryonFarm: BNB-BUSD. Add liquidity and farm your LP Tokens to earn rewards up to 2,500 BUSD.

BNB-BUSD Farming Pool: 2,500 BUSD Now Here for Grabs!

Today, we are launching a new farming pool: BNB-BUSD. Liquidity providers will be able to stake their BNB-BUSD LP tokens on BaryonFarm to earn extra rewards in the form of $BUSD, in addition to the pair trading fee.

New Pool Metrics

  • 📍Pair: BNB - BUSD
  • 🎁 Total rewards: 2,500 BUSD
  • ⏳Tentative duration:  August 18th - September 1st, 2022

To participate in this campaign, please begin with providing liquidity for the pair BNB-BUSD on Liquidity. Then go to the BaryonFarm page and search for “BNB”; you’ll see the farming pool below, where you can stake your BNB/BUSD LP tokens.

Check out the detailed guide: How to farm on Baryon Network

We are thrilled to announce another Farming Pool landing on BaryonFarm. Prepare for an explosion in BaryonFarm on its way to realizing its mission: attracting liquidity providers while accelerating liquidity bootstrapping and encouraging promising projects to be built on top of the BNB Smart Chain.

Don't miss the opportunity!!! Let's add liquidity and farm now:

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