Flourishing your chance: CUSD-BUSD Farming Pool is EXTENDED on Baryon

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the CUSD-BUSD Farming Pool will now be extended to all of CUSD's HODL-ers. Add liquidity and farm your LPs with us!

Flourishing your chance: CUSD-BUSD Farming Pool is EXTENDED on Baryon

The holders of CUSD no longer need to be concerned about the closing date of the CUSD - BUSD Farming Pool, mainly due to the fact that we are now offering you an extended CUSD farming pool. Are you giddy yet? Check out the specifics down below!


Extended Farming Pool Metrics

  • 📍 Pair: CUSD- BUSD
  • 🎁 Total rewards: 25,000 C98
  • ⏳ Tentative duration: 1 month from Nov 18, 2022

For the current farmers, you don't need to do anything.

For the newcomers: to participate in this campaign, please first provide liquidity for the pair CUSD/BUSD on Liquidity. Then go to the BaryonFarm page and search for “CUSD”; you’ll see the farming pool below, where you can stake your CUSD/BUSD LP tokens.

The tutorial on how to Farm on Baryon you can see here!

Farm now! https://www.baryon.network/farm

The reward for the extended CUSD farming pool on Baryon has begun to pile up!

Check out the detailed guide: How to farm on Baryon Network

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