CUSD-BUSD Farming Campaign: 25,000 C98 is NOW to grab!

The new farming pool is now here on BaryonFarm: CUSD-BUSD. Add liquidity and farm your LP Tokens to earn rewards up to 25,000 C98

CUSD-BUSD Farming Campaign: 25,000 C98 is NOW to grab!

Halfway through September, we are launching a new farming pool: CUSD/BUSD. Liquidity providers are now able to stake their CUSD - BUSD LP tokens on BaryonFarm to earn extra rewards in terms of $C98, in addition to the pair trading fee.

The wait is over! It is about time!

CUSD Token Info

CUSD is a decentralized stablecoin that is fully collateralized by assets in reserve. In order to convert to 1 CUSD, a total of $1 worth of the collateralized assets must be sent into the CUSD Reserve smart contract. Specifically, in the initial phase, the collateral ratio to convert to 1 CUSD will be $1 worth of fiat-backed stablecoins - BUSD (on BNB Chain).

CUSD is the next building block in the Coin98 ecosystem - a fully-backed stablecoin that aims to become a cross-chain unit of account that fulfills the demand for cross-chain liquidity in DeFi.

More information:

New Pool Metrics

  • Pair: CUSD - BUSD
  • Total rewards: 25,000 C98
  • Tentative duration: one month from 20h00 (UTC+7) Sept 19 to 20h00 (UTC+7) Oct 19

To participate in this campaign, please firstly provide liquidity for the pair CUSD - BUSD on Liquidity. Then go to the BaryonFarm page and search for “CUSD”; you’ll see the farming pool below, where you can stake your CUSD/BUSD LP tokens.

Check out the detailed guide: How to farm on Baryon Network

We believe this is one of the cornerstones allowing Baryon to become a revolutionary yield farming primitive that will give users greater value and opportunities.  Prepare for an explosion in BaryonFarm on its way to realizing its mission: attracting liquidity providers while accelerating liquidity bootstrapping and encouraging promising projects to be built on top of the BNB Smart Chain.

Let's add liquidity and farm now:

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